The Baptist and Christian Character of Baylor

What does it mean to be a Christian university in the Baptist tradition? The inherited definition of Baylor as a Christian university was based on the atmospheric model, a view of the Christian university defined largely by its student life, placing emphasis on a highly moral and religious kind of campus culture as its major ingredient. A common way of expressing Baylor's purpose, under this model, was to say that Baylor offered an excellent education in a Christian environment.

Editors' Note

This book is the culmination of an initiative undertaken by the Council of Deans of Baylor University. Under the leadership of Bradley J. B. Toben, Dean of the Law School at Baylor, the Council of Deans sponsored a two-day, university-wide colloquy on April 10-11, 2003, entitled, "The Baptist and Christian Character of Baylor." All the speakers and respondents for the colloquy were assured that the colloquy was to be of such quality that every paper would merit publication in a volume to be published after the conference.

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